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One of the best features of the People app is the way it allows you to group contacts together rather than having one unruly list. For example, why not group together your poker group, or your football team-mates? It means that everyone is easier to find and you can opt to contact them all at once. To create a new group, tap on the menu in the top-left corner of the screen and choose Groups from the list.

Group your contacts together for ease of access…
Group your contacts together for ease of access…

Google will have already created a few general groups for you that you can add people to, but if you wish to create a new group from scratch, tap on the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the screen, give the new group a name and then start adding people by typing their name. When you have finished adding people, tap on the Done button and your new group will be added to the list and be accessible from the Groups section of the People app.

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