Create Auto-Awesome photos ANDROID TIPS

Create Auto-Awesome photos Watch your images transform ANDROID TIPS

Images that are automatically uploaded to Google+ can be transformed into Auto-Awesome images if certain criteria are met.

Create Auto-Awesome photos
Create Auto-Awesome photos

First, you need to ensure the option is turned on, so tap on the top-left icon and select Auto-Awesome. Next, press the Menu icon and head to Settings>‘Account name’ and check that Auto-Awesome is enabled. Now experiment by taking separate landscape shots, a picture of somebody in the snow or even a picture of your cat!

Once the images have been uploaded, you need to wait for a while and then return to the Auto-Awesome menu to see if any shots got converted (swipe down to refresh the screen if needs be). Tip: Converted content has a small star icon in the corner; tap on this to see why the effect was applied.

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