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Create albums Organise your photos into albums ANDROID TIPS

Once images are uploaded, they are simply grouped by date, which may not always be desirable.

Adding albums is a great way to organise your photos
Adding albums is a great way to organise your photos

Instead, a useful way to organise them more effectively is to group images into albums. First of all, long-press on a thumbnail image and then tap on additional thumbnails that you want to include in the album (you can even switch to the Camera tab to upload/add existing images from your device’s storage). Once you have selected the photos, tap the Share icon at the top of the screen and choose a Google+ Circle or the main Google+ icon.

Depending on your option, you should get to a screen that allows you to input a basic text description for the album. However, look for the header at the base called ‘Album Name’. Select this and give your album a title. After this is done, click on the Share tab at the top. Now tap the topleft corner icon of the main Google Photos interface and choose Albums. Next, swipe down the page to perform a refresh and your album will be listed.

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