connect A Psx Pad To Pc, Warning soldering is involved..

If you are feeling adventurous …

If you have a PlayStation and a PC, and do not have a pad for the computer, or simply those that there are in the market seem to you too expensive or any you don’t like, you have a great option here. It connects your PlayStation pad (anyone) to your PC conserving ALL its functionality thanks to the excellent driver DirectPad.


* It enjoys the ample range of pads that exists mainly for PlayStation and, of its compared price those of PC (speaking in terms quality-price).

* They work for all pads including the dual-shock pads. Also, with the dual-shock ones you will be able to use both analog controls and the capacity for “vibrating” (Force Feedback) in Windows games that support it (Need Speed III, Incoming, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Flight Simulator, Forsaken, etc). If you want to see the complete list of games that support the Force Feedback, look here.

* You will be able to use ALL the buttons of PlayStation pad in your preferred games, altogether 10 if you use digitals or 16 if you use the analog control.

* You can connect simultaneously up to two pads.

* With the dual-shock pads you will be able to change between the digital control to analog during any game session.

* If you already have standard PC pad you will be able to use it simultaneously without losing functionality in either of them (if connecting two joysticks/pads by a Y connector and to the game port, you will only be able to use 2 buttons in each joystick/pad)

* The assembly is not very complicated.

* In theory it would have to work with any control system of game for PlayStation (pad of another mark, steering wheel, etc).


* You will only be able to use it in Windows games, since driver it is programmed for DirectX.

* If you want to use the dual-shock you will need an external power supply, or steal power from inside the computer.

* The connection goes to the parallel port, which means that if you are going to use the printer you change connectors… but it is worth the trouble!

Words before beginning

Following with the preliminaries, I will going to make clear that you do not need any knowledge electronics, although knowing how to solder and know how to handle a multi-meter. If you do not have any idea, or don’t want to do it get a friend who knows to help you.


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