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Edit your photos ANDROID TIPS

Edit and crop your pictures and apply filter effects

Edit your photos Adjust and enhance images ANDROID TIPS While uploaded images are enhanced to improve the detail, you can still add your own editing touches. First, tap a thumbnail to open the image and then, at the base, tap the paintbrush. From here you can perform basic rotation or use the crop tool. The latter is ideal for removing parts of the image you don’t …

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Add photos to Google+ ANDROID TIPS

Add photos to Google+

Add photos to Google+ Add your snaps ANDROID TIPS For existing images that are already on your device, you can go through the laborious process of selecting them by hand and then use the Share icon to upload them. However, if you are going to continue using Photos on a regular basis and want …

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Enhance your pictures with HDR

Turn on HDR Enhance your pictures with HDR ANDROID TIPS Another useful tip is to tap into one of the camera’s best features, HDR (high dynamic range), although this only available on certain devices. On the Nexus 5, for instance, you can activate this option via the circle icon (the one with the A inside). Shooting in HDR …

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Edit the photos taken ANDROID TIPS

Edit the photos taken Edit your photos in the Gallery app ANDROID TIPS Using your Gallery app, you can select an image and then use the pencil icon to start editing (to either enhance or add effects). From the resulting interface you will find that the image appears at the top with four icons at the base. The …

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White balance & Scene modes ANDROID TIPS

White balance

White balance & Scene modes Adjust the way the image is taken ANDROID TIPS Experiment with the Scene and White Balance modes to improve shots. In the Camera app, press the circle icon (with the A inside), then tap the small settings icon. You should then see a small icon with a thermometer (White Balance) and one that says ‘SCE’ mode. If …

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Adjust picture quality ANDROID TIPS

Adjust picture quality

Adjust picture quality Cut down on file size ANDROID TIPS By default, most cameras will shoot at the highest resolution provided, but this does have an adverse effect on file size. For example, an 8-megapixel shot may be 700K or bigger, so you don’t want to send too many such files if the receiver has a …

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Share images ANDROID TIPS

Sharing images is a quick way to get your shots out there

Share images Share your masterpieces with others! ANDROID TIPS By default, once an image has been shot or edited (see ‘Edit the photos taken’ on the next page), it will be saved onto your device’s local storage. However, if you want to show off, you can share your masterpiece with others via email or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. …

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Video & Sphere modes ANDROID TIPS

The Sphere camera mode can take true 360-degree images

Video & Sphere modes Switch to different camera modes ANDROID TIPS Tap the small camera icon to switch to Video, Panoramic and Sphere modes. A useful tip when shooting videos is to tap the screen, as this lets you take photos at the same time. While you have the panoramic option for landscape shots, the …

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Take a photo ANDROID TIPS

Take a photo

Take a photo Control the camera ANDROID TIPS When you start to take a shot, the camera lens will begin to autofocus on the object to ensure that the camera software can get the best exposure/white balance for you. However, there are few ways you can take back control of the shot process. …

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