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You must to follow some tips before buy a android apps – Android tips & tricks

User reviews Check before you buy a game

User reviews Check before you buy a game When you are considering the purchase of a new game, it makes sense to look for reviews and recommendations to ensure that it will be worth the effort and your money. In the Google Play Games app, tap the menu option and then select the Recommended Games (or Find Games) option to see a list of …

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Get a refund on google play store within 15 minute after buy a app – Android tips & tricks

Get a refund on google play store within 15 minute after buy a app - Android tips & tricks

Instant refunds are available for purchases When you have selected an app and confirmed your purchase, you will see a new button appear just below the Open one. If you tap the Refund button, you will be asked to confirm your selection and when you tap Yes, it will be uninstalled and the transaction immediately voided. You should see no credit and debit transactions in …

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How to see and enable album art – Android tips & tricks

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As on the CD When a track is playing and the screen has timed out or you have turned it off, the song will continue to play in the background through the external speaker or headphones. If you have a lock screen set, you will see a module displaying the album art and various controls over the top portion of …

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How to create playlists on android OS – Android tips & tricks

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Keep your favourite tracks together in a playlist In the Music Player app, with any song selected, tap and hold it and select ‘Add to playlist’. Now choose ‘Create playlist’ in the resultant screen and you will be prompted to give it a name. The song will be added to the newly created playlist, at which point …

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Use a song as a ringtone – Android tips & tricks

Use a song as ringtone

Install a third-party file manager from the Google Play Store (there are many free options available), open it and search for the music tracks you want to use as ringtones. Copy a track you want to use and then paste it into the Ringtones folder, and repeat the process for any other tracks you wish …

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Play music Customise sounds for each track – ANDROID TIPS

Play with the equaliser to get the exact sound you want

Play music Customise sounds for each track – ANDROID TIPS The Music Player app offers you various playback options – and serious aficionados will no doubt want to tweak the EQ. Tap the menu button when in the app and select Sound-Alive. Then tap the Advanced tab at the top and you have the option to alter the volume of certain …

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Browse through tracks – ANDROID TIPS

Browse through tracks

Browse through tracks Browse by artist and album – ANDROID TIPS Use the tabs at the top to view music by artist, album or the system folder it is contained in, shown in alphabetical order. The alphabetical list down the right-hand side allows you to jump straight to results under that letter. It’s a highly intuitive and fast way to browse a …

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Transfer music – ANDROID TIPS

Transfer music

Transfer music Add music to your phone ANDROID TIPS Go to www.android.com/filetransfer/ and download the Android File Transfer app. Now follow the standard installation process for your desktop or laptop and leave it closed. The software will open automatically as soon as you connect your phone to your desktop via USB and present a …

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