Central Women’s University – CWU details info

Central Women’s University – CWU details info

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Central Women’s University (Bengali: কেন্দ্রীয় মহিলা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) is one of the first private universities in Bangladesh, established in 1993. It was the first university in Bangladesh established exclusively for the purpose of female education.

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Central Women’s University
Established Year: 1993
Present Campus: 1, RK Mission Road, Dhaka 1203.
Permanent Campus:
Vice Chancellor: Professor Dr. Perween Hasan
Registrar: Mrs. Firdaus Ali
Contact Address: Phone: 02-9591551, 02-9567499, Fax: 880-2-9583478, Email: [email protected]
Website Address: www.cwu.edu.bd
UGC Approved Faculties:
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Arts & Social Science
Faculty of Business & Economics
Faculty of Science
  • Department of CSE
    •     (1) B.Sc in Computer Science & Engg.
  • Department of English
    •     (1) B.A (Hon’s) in English
    •     (2) M.A in English.(1 year)
    •     (3) M.A in English.(2 years)
  • Department of Bangla
    •     (1) M.A in Bangla
  • Department of Sociology and Gender studies
    •     (1) B.S.S.(Hon’s) in Sociology and Gender Studies
    •     (2) M.S.S. in Social Science &Gender Studies
  • Department of Political Science &Governance Studies
    •     (1) B.S.S.(Hon’s) in Political Science &Governance Studies
    •     (2) M.S.S. in Political Science &Governance Studies.(1 year)
    •     (3) M.S.S. in Political Science &Governance Studies.(2 years)
  • Department of History of the Muslim World
    •     (1) B.A (Hon’s) in History of the Muslim World.
    •     (2) M.A in History of the Muslim World.(1 year)
    •     (3) M.A in History of the Muslim World.(2 years)
  • Department of Philosophy
    •     (1) M.A in Philosophy.
  • Department of Business & Economics
    •     (1) BBA
    •     (2) MBA (2 years)
    •     (3) M.S.S. in Economics (2 years)
  • Department of Geography, Environmental Studies & Psychology
    •     (1) BSS (Hon’s) in Geography & Environmental Studies.
    •     (2) MSS in Geography & Environmental Studies (1 & 2 year)
    •     (3) MSS in Psychology (2 years)


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