Border And Text Effects In Psp8, For use with PSP8

Do you want to jazz up your graphics? Want to add a bit of pazazz to your art? Well, this guide features some knowledge, border effects, and even directions to make your own swirlie brushes!

Now, open PSP and get ready to learn! Let’s start off with the basics.

-Border Effects

There are two main types of borders, solid borders, and decorative borders. A solid border is like a colored line that raps around the outside of your image and separates graphics from the rest of the page. You can have borders inside the outside borders to make awesome layer effects. Decorative borders are almost the same, except they are not completely connected. (Example – Dashed Borders)
Dashed Borders
Open PSP and create an image about 380 x 100 pixels with a white background.

Draw a bit with your paintbrush, just add some color. Now maximize your image.

It should take up the whole page. Now go up to the toolbar on the very top and click “Selections” and go down right below that and click “Select All” There should be a dotted line going around the outside of your image.

We’re almost done! YAY! Ok, now look on your keyboard. Go to the very top row next to the F1, F2, F3, F4, and look to the right of the F12 button. It should say “Print Screen”. Press it, and it will take a picture of everything currently open on your computer that you can see. Now go to the top toolbar once one. Go under “Edit”, move down to “Paste”, then move your mouse to the right and select “Paste as New Image”

Now, your image has a dashed border, but you can see all the unwanted parts of your workspace. So go to the left toolbar and click the crop tool. It is the small square with a line through it.

Now drag the segment the crop tool makes just around the image. You might want to zoom in some (Click the magnifying glass on the left toolbar on the spot you want to zoom in). Once you have it fully outlined with the crop segment, double-click to crop it. Wallah! Your image now has a dashed border. So just go to the top toolbar once again, go under “File” and click “Save As”. Then, select the spot and name to save it.

-Font Suggestions and Styles

So you know how to make a cool border for your images. Now what about fonts? Well usually, for siggies, you would put a bigger font saying their name, and a smaller font with sub-text. Look at my signature:

See how it says “Anonymous” in a large font that matches the background; then under it, it says “SOD’s coolest member” (my sub-text) in a smaller font? That’s the usual format for text on signatures. Of couse, this isn’t the only way.

Now, for some font suggestions:

Larger Fonts
Baby Kruffy (This one is awesome!)
Walt Disney
Dolphins (yippee!)
Jelly Belly
Gilligan’s Island

Smaller Fonts


Helpful Links
(a few popups though)

Font Places


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