Block facebook by your country? Browse now facebook and anything

Block facebook by your country? Browse now facebook and anything

This is the simple task to use facebook if your country block the facebook. This tips not only for facebook, it’s also for every website.

How it work: Government can’t block the facebook or any site, but he can block the facebook or others sites from a IP address. So simple if you are a person who have block from facebook in your country so you have to understood, your IP address are not allowing facebook. Now you need to just change your IP. In this tips you don’t need to change the IP manually it will be change automatically every-time you want by clicking!

Start processed: Download this browser (tor browser) for your operating system.

Installing system: Open the tor browser you have downloaded already by clicking you mouse. Now follow with my screenshoot.

Browse now facebook and anything

Select your language and click “OK”. Now change your folder location as your wish. I have selected rotated folder of C://. Click the “Browse…” button for change folder location.

Browse now facebook and anything2

Please see I have selected the C://. After you have selected the folder please press “OK”.

Browse now facebook and anything3

Now press “Install” button….

Browse now facebook and anything4

Now installing the tor browser… Please wait a moment until the installation complete…


Browse now facebook and anything5

Install complete please run your software by clicking the “Finish” button.

Browse now facebook and anything6

Now your browser is running. Please click the “Connect” button and wait until connect the new network by tor. After connect a new network the browser will automatically open.

Browse now facebook and anything7

Congratulation tor is running! you enjoy now any web browsing without any restrict.

Browse now facebook and anything9

One more step for save your browsing history, because the default settings of tor browser have not configure it. Go to the top right sidebar from the browser window and toggle the menu.

Browse now facebook and anything10

Now go to the “Privacy” tab and change the setting to “Remember history” and press OK.

Browse now facebook and anything11

Now browse facebook 🙂 and anything you want… Thank you for reading my article.

Browse now facebook and anything12


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