Bar chart Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 5

Charts are a really good way to present data so that it is easy to understand what it means immediately.
*** Open a new spreadsheet workbook.

***  Type the headings and months.

Bar chart

*** Position the pointer between the column A and B and drag to the right to make the text fit.

Bar chart2

*** Click in the row header 1, click B on the home tab to make it Bold.

*** Enter the following data.

Bar chart3

*** Save your workbook and call it Song Birds.

We are going to make a bar chart to show the data.
*** Click in cell A4 and drag into column C and down to C13.

Bar chart4

*** Click on the Insert tab.

Bar chart5

*** Click on the column button.

Bar chart6

*** Select the first type of column chart. The chart will appear on your worksheet.

Bar chart7

*** You need to add labels to the chart to make it clear.

*** Right click on the chart and click on Select Data SourceBar chart8

Bar chart9

*** Select series1.

*** Click on Edit, you can either click on cell B4 or type 1998.

*** Press Enter

*** Do the same for series 2.

*** Now click on Edit for the horizontal axis.

Bar chart10

*** Select the bird name labels

Bar chart11

*** Press Enter.

Bar chart12

*** Now click on OK. Your chart will look like this.

Bar chart13

*** Click on the chart, you will see the tabs for chart appear on the top ribbon.

Bar chart14

*** Select Chart Title

Bar chart15

*** Select above Chart to put the title above the chart.
*** The Chart title is entered by default, click on the text and rename it “The Decline of Song Birds”.

Bar chart16

*** It should now look this.

Bar chart17

***  You can move the chart so that it does not overlap the data. If you move around the chart and click you will be able to identify the parts of the chart.
*** Click on the background area and drag the chart to below the data.

Bar chart18

You may want to print out your chart
*** Click on the File tab and then on Print.

Bar chart19


You can see how your page will print out.
*** Click on the home tab to return to your spreadsheet.



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