Add a Sepia Tone Tut-7

1) Click the Foreground Color box in the toolbar to open the Color Picker.
2) Type 172 in the R, or red, field.
3) Type 122 in the G, or green, field.
4) Type 42 in the B, or blue, field.  You can also click and drag the color slider to the orange area and then click and drag in the color area to select a sepia color.
5) Click OK to close the Color Picker.
6) Click the New Adjustment Layer icon in the Layers palette.
7) Click Gradient Map.  The Gradient Map dialog appears and applies a very light sepia tone to the image.
8) Click OK to close the dialog.
9) Click the Layer Blend mode up-down arrow and Click Color.
Add a Sepia Tone



Add a Sepia Tone


Add a Sepia Tone

Thanks, #2007 MBEA Summer Conference

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