How to add app shortcuts to your home screen android tips

Add widgets How to add app shortcuts to your home screen

Widgets provide app functionality to your home screen so you can get the latest weather, news and social updates delivered at-a-glance without having to open the main app. To see which widgets are available, open your app tray and tap the Widgets tab. When you see a widget you’d like to add to your home screen, long-press it and drag it into position. Some take up more space than others, so you may have to delete or move some first. Widgets operate on a snapto grid, so if you drag one into position, all your other screen furniture will shift around to accommodate it.
Open the app tray and tap the Widgets tab to see available widgets

Widgets provide app functionality to your home screen so you can get the latest weather, news and social updates delivered at-a-glance without having to open the main app. To see which widgets are available, open your app tray and tap the Widgets tab. When you see a widget you’d like to add to your home screen, long-press it and drag it into position. Some take up more space than others, so you may have to delete or move some first. Widgets operate on a snap to grid, so if you drag one into position, all your other screen furniture will shift around to accommodate it.

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