Activate GPS Use location data android tips

Location data is widely used by your device to determine your current position and help certain apps work (like Maps, for example). In the Settings app, tap ‘Location access’, listed under Personal.

Location data is widely used by your device to determine your current position and help certain apps work (like Maps, for example). In the Settings app, tap ‘Location access’, listed under Personal. Here you’ll be able to switch on access to your location and determine the sources of this information, including GPS satellites and Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Granting your device permission to divulge your current location can also be beneficial for security purposes. If your device is lost or stolen, you can track its position remotely and even signal alerts, screen locks and, in the most drastic of circumstances, erase everything and render the device obsolete.

Here you’ll be able to switch on access to your location and determine the sources of this information, including GPS satellites and Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Granting your device permission to divulge your current location can also be beneficial for security purposes. If your device is lost or stolen, you can track its position remotely and even signal alerts, screen locks and, in the most drastic of circumstances, erase everything and render the device obsolete.

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