Activate GPS Add cities to clocks ANDROID TIPS

While in the main mode of your Clock app, tap on the pin icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to select cities from all around the world from an extensive list and then pin them to your main clock screen. If you work in a business that requires contact with oversees clients then this is a good way to ensure that you know precisely when they will be contactable because the current time in your chosen city will be displayed.

While in the main mode of your Clock app, tap on the pin icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to select cities from all around the world from an extensive list and then pin them to your main clock screen. If you work in a business that requires contact with oversees clients then this is a good way to ensure that you know precisely when they will be contactable because the current time in your chosen city will be displayed. You can pin as many cities from the list as you want and you can scroll down through them on the main page simply by swiping upwards on the screen. To remove a city, go back to the list and tap to remove them.

You can pin as many cities from the list as you want and you can scroll down through them on the main page simply by swiping upwards on the screen. To remove a city, go back to the list and tap to remove them.

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