A short description of “walfisch-ikegami propagation model”

walfisch-ikegami propagation model

  • The Walfish–Ikegami model is an empirical propagation model for an urban area, which is especially applicable for micro cells but can also be used for macro cells.
  • Model Parameters:
    • The mean value for street widths (w) is given in meters and the road orientation angle (θ or φ) in degrees.
    • The mean value for building heights (hroof) is an average over the calculation area and is given in meters.
    • The mean value for building separation (b) is calculated from the center of one building to the center of another building and is also given in meters.

walfisch-ikegami propagation model walfisch-ikegami propagation model

The Equation:walfisch-ikegami propagation model equation


#Ref book: Wireless Communication and Networking – V.K. Garg & http://www.cse.hcmut.edu.vn/~ltquan/Documents_Softwares/CDMA/Walfisch-Ikegami.htm

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