A short description of “Okumura Model”

Okumura Model

Okumura’s model is one of the most widely used models for signal prediction in urban areas.

  • Frequency range 150 MHz to 1920 MHz
  • Distance 1 km to 100 km
  • Base station height 30m to 1000m
  • The path loss: L50(dB) = L+ Amu(f,d) – G(hte) – G(hre) – GArea
  • Where: 
    • LF = Free space propagation loss
    • Amu = The mediun attenuation relative to free space
    • G(hte) = Base station antenna height gain factor
    • G(hre) = Mobile station antenna height gain factor
    • GAREA = Gain due to the type of environment

A short description of "Okumura Model"

#Ref book: Wireless Communication and Networking – V.K. Garg

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