A short description of “Lee’s Path Loss and Prediction Model”

Lee’s Path Loss and Prediction Model

Lee’s Path Loss:
Lee’s model can be used to predict area-to-area path loss. The model consists of two parts,

  1. Path loss prediction for a specified set of conditions.
  2. Adjustment factors for a set of conditions different from the specified one.

Lee’s Prediction Model:Lee’s Prediction Model copy

The model requires two parameters:

  1. Power at 1mile interception P in dB.
  2. Path loss exponent γ

Received power, In (dB), Lee’s Prediction Model equationn is a constant between 2 and 3 depend on geographical location and operating frequency

α0 is an adjustment factor for different set of conditions

Some Specified conditions:

  • Carrier frequency, fc = 900MHz
  • BS antenna height = 30.48 m (100ft)
  • MS power at the antenna = 10W
  • BS antenna gain = 6dB above dipole gain
  • MS antenna gain = 0dB above dipole gain
  • MS antenna height = 3 m (10ft)

#Ref book: Wireless Communication and Networking – V.K. Garg

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