A short description about “Hata and Okumura Model”

Hata and Okumura Model

Okumura analyzed path-loss characteristics based on a large amount of experimental data collected around Tokyo, Japan. He selected propagation path conditions and obtained the average path-loss curves under flat urban areas. Then he applied several correction factors for other propagation conditions, such as:

  • Antenna height and carrier frequency
  • Suburban, quasi-open space, open space, or hilly terrain areas
  • Diffraction loss due to mountains
  • Sea or lake areas
  • Road slope

Hata derived empirical formulas for the median path loss (L50) to fit Okumura curves. Hata’s equations are classified into three models:

typical urban of hata and okumara model

typical suburban of hata and okumara model

#Ref book: Wireless Communication and Networking – V.K. Garg

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